PHOTOS: This Malaysian Student Rolls Papers Into Cool Decorative Artwork

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(source: Mstar)

For some lucky ones, MCO became a time where they discovered their hidden talents – just like this pharmacy student who started dabbling in paper quilling by simply watching videos!

According to MStar, Nik Alya Syakirah Nik Ahmad Faris learned the art of rolling paper a.k.a paper quilling, by watching YouTube and Instagram videos. She stated that it was a way to pass the time during the MCO.

The hobby only started to transform into a business when her younger sister went back to school and showed off her designs. Many of her sister’s schoolmates were keen to buy it off her hands.

It didn’t stop there as her designs got even more popular when she shared it on her IG profile and when one her friends decided to share her artwork on Twitter too. Immediately, it went viral as her creations won the hearts of many online.

The 23-year-old’s rolling paper skill has turned into a pretty good side business as more people grew impressed with what they saw, wanting a piece of her art for themselves. But as more orders rolled in, Nik Alya thought it best to put a cap on them as she found it difficult to keep up with demand.

For now, she has closed orders for August and will only be taking them for next month. So while you wait for her orders to reopen, take a look at her other designs for some inspo:










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