Indomie Addicts Can Now Double Their Pleasure With New ‘Mi Goreng’-Flavoured Condoms

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(source: Malay Mail)

Over the years, Indomie has been manifested into many different things – there are Indomie ice-cream, doughnuts, handbags, wagyu burgers, Jägermeister, and even scented-candles to name a few. Now, you can add another one to the list and this time, it’s double the pleasure, IYKWIM 😉

Introducing to you, mi goreng-flavoured rubber!

Created by condom brand Fiesta, the product was revealed and went viral on social media yesterday (28 March) with photos of the item’s packaging inspired by the beloved instant noodle brand.

Fiesta wrote in its Instagram caption, “Discover the sensation of love-making with the distinct taste of Indonesian spices… One is not enough, two is still insufficient”.

According to Malay Mail, some social media users suspected that the flavour is part of an April Fool’s marketing stunt due to the release date being suspiciously close to April 1.

Nevertheless, Fiesta wrote in the comments section of the post that the mi goreng-flavoured condoms can be bought online from official DKT Indonesia e-commerce stores.

If you need it in your life, just know that the noodle-inspired condoms are currently sold out on Shopee, where a pack of three retailed for only 5,000 rupiahs (RM1.43).

(source: Malay Mail)