RM18 Indomie Wagyu Burger is Being Sold at This Roadside Stall in Sri Hartamas

(source: KL Foodie)

TBH, nothing hits the spot more than a good old Ramly burger. It is our national burger, and one that has achieved international fame – New Yorkers are paying up to RM51 for a sloppy ramly.

Then again, instant noodles such as Indomie are also a favourite among Malaysians (and pretty much the whole of Asia and parts of Australia) and we often visit mamaks just to get our Indomie fix. Now, what if we get to experience both at the same time?!

A roadside stall, Dara Burger is making our dreams come true and if that’s not good enough, the patty for this special dish is made from Australian Wagyu beef! Amboi… aren’t we spoiled?

According to KL Foodie, the stall is located on the street at Desa Sri Hartamas, opposite of Maybank. You can easily spot the stall as it is full-on bright yellow.

The Indomie Wagyu Burger is only RM18 and consists of a perfectly grilled patty made from Australian Wagyu beef, a packet of Indomie and of course, chilli sauce!

You know this burger is going to be an EXPERIENCE because Dara’s burgers are all cooked on top of a charcoal stove instead of the ordinary grill pan.

(source: KL Foodie)

Now, the bad news: It’s a limited edition.

So, if this sound like the ultimate dream burger for you – ajak your friends and get it quick!