WATCH: Indian Police Scare Lockdown Violators By Trapping Them With Fake Covid-19 Patient

World on Lockdown. source: Al Jazeera

All around the world, countries have adopted various lockdown procedures of their own amidst the spread of Covid-19. That being said, it’s still proving impossible for everybody to follow these procedures despite how important it is for them to do so. Because of this, some countries have found creative ways to make their citizens comply with their respective lockdown periods.

Take Indonesia for example, where lockdown violators are sent to serve time in a haunted house. Similarly, Malaysia had this guy doing special performances during the early stages of the MCO.

India, being home to one of the largest populations in the world, has had its fair share of creative scare tactics, namely these Coronavirus helmets worn by policemen to strike fear into the hearts of lockdown violators…

Now, India has an equally scary (albeit different) method to ensure that locals obey lockdown protocols.

source: Facebook

In the picture above, a distressed man can be seen in the back of an ambulance while a member of the Tamil Nadu Police and a helper stand in front of him. The uneasy looking man is a lockdown violator and is being shoved into the ambulance by the other two men. Slightly visible behind him and draped in blue rags, is the cause for his uneasiness – a (fake) Covid-19 patient.

source: Facebook

Once inside, the ‘patient’ springs up and tries to make physical contact with the lockdown violator leaving the latter in an uncontrollable fright. This entire ordeal was caught on video and posted onto the official page of the Tamil Nadu Police. Check it out:

In an article by the Malay Mail, Officer Palaniyamal who was featured in the video said that some “people don’t realise how scary the virus is because they can’t see it” which is why many still do not take the lockdown seriously. As a means to counter that, Tamil Nadu Police came up with this clever method to make the virus more ‘visible’.

All across Facebook, Indian users praised the Tamil Nadu Police for their unconventional yet effective methods of getting people to comply with India’s lockdown. If this is what it takes to keep people safe, then maybe it’s worth doing ’til people fully abide by lockdown protocols. Also, it makes for great viral content :p

source: Malay Mail

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