‘Hantu’ Scares Teens so that They Stay Home During MCO

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(source: Muhd Urabil Alias/Facebook )

If the police or military can’t scare some of y’all into staying at home for MCO, perhaps a ghost could do the trick!

Recently, a man from Terengganu who was frustrated that his young neighbours were still ignoring the order, decided to dress himself up as a ghost in hopes of scaring them at Taman Anika Jaya, Kampung Tempurung in Chukai.

Muhammad Urabil Alias posted up his ghastly pictures on social media on 28 March where you can see him all dressed up in white standing on top of a van.

The caption jokingly wrote, “Are there any vacancies in RELA or the police department tonight? Bored of sitting all alone”. His post has since garnered over 3,400 shares and 1,500 comments.

Urabil told Harian Metro that, “When I uploaded the photos on Facebook, a lot of people panicked and became scared to leave their houses… I just wanted them to follow the restrictions enforced by the government and I think it was a success because a lot of them are now concerned about walking around at night.”

He also received many messages from internet users to ask about the authenticity of the photos – many thinking it was real.

“Netizens reached out to me and asked whether the photos were real or not. I thought I made it obvious from the light-hearted tone in my post. I was clearly joking, but so many people thought that I was an actual ghost when I was just dressed up as Gandalf,” he said.

Guess Urabil and Gandalf share the same sentiment, that is…

(source: Giphy)

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