KL Policeman Aids Russian Couple and Their Newborn Baby at Roadblock

Several photos of a police inspector helping out a baby went viral last Friday. The policeman – Inspector Sinniah Rajoo, crossed paths with a Russian couple who were passing through a roadblock where he was on duty. To his surprise, he noticed an unclothed baby present with the couple.

Upon further inspection, Inspector Sinniah came to find out that the baby still had its umbilical cord attached which was bleeding at the time, hinting it to be a newborn.

source: Facebook

His suspicions were confirmed when The Russian couple proceeded to inform him that the baby had only recently been delivered at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Additionally, the couple also claimed that they were out of money which probably explains why the baby was unclothed and delivered in a hotel.

This prompted Sinniah and another police officer to buy diapers for the newborn in addition to cleaning the baby up. He explained that several officers including himself handed some money to the Russian couple so they could purchase any essential items they required.

Inspector Sinniah holding the clothed newborn. source: Facebook

The couple were briefly taken to the Tun Razak Police Station before being transferred to Hospital Kuala Lumpur where they received health checks. Several photos of Inspector Sinniah and other officers clothing and cleaning the baby were uploaded onto JPST KL’s Facebook page where it received over 400 shares and even a thank you message from the Russian Embassy in Malaysia’s Facebook page.

source: Facebook

Just like members from the Russian embassy, we at JUICE (and certainly many other Malaysians too) commend Inspector Sinniah as well as the other officers present for showing their humanity through this selfless act of kindness.

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