Fake ‘Ginnyboy’ Orders 20 Burgers, Claims It Was a Prank When Delivered

(source: @JV_Chong Twitter)

As Malaysians are stuck at home for MCO, many have turned to food delivery for their daily meals. Thus, homemade-meal businesses are on the rise as more folks find ways to help stabilise their income. If you were an independent F&B operator as such, the last thing you would want in this trying time is… a fake order.

Recently, a woman who sells homemade burgers was pranked by a fake customer who claimed they were “Ginnyboy from YouTube”. Yeap, with a ‘G’ and not a ‘J’ – at least get the spelling right!

On 25 April, a prankster who first went by the name Grace Lim – ordered 20 burger sets worth RM140 and asked for them to be delivered to an address beside Public Bank in Kuchai Lama at 2pm. The plan was to collect cash-on-delivery (COD) as the prankster claimed that she didn’t know how to use online banking and that her son has gone out to pick up the food.

When the burgers arrived, the prankster said she was on the way down and asked the seller to wait at Public Bank. The prankster also asked for the seller’s car number plate, but as soon as the woman gave her car number plate, the prankster said:

“Hi 8984 it a prank I’m ginnyboy from youtube u can eat all the Burger.”

(source: @JV_Chong Twitter)

The unfortunate woman’s sister then posted the whole conversation on Facebook and many netizens flooded the comments with anger, as they should. The fact that somebody is really out there causing small businesses to lose money… and for what? Self-satisfaction? Y’all weird.

The real Jinnyboi aka Jin Lim, on the other hand, has made a public announcement stating that it was not him and pointed out that his last prank was in 2013.

He even suggested that whoever did this prank should be reported to the police. Say it louder, Jin!

As for the burgers, the woman stated that her sister donated some of it to an orphanage and gave the rest away.

There’s no telling what bootleg Ginnyboy’s intentions were, but it’s safe to say that he/she failed in the end.

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