First Graders in Hangzhou Wear Cute Hats To Help With Social Distancing In School

source: Shanghai Daily

After a long hiatus due to the Covid-19 outbreak, students in Hangzhou, China have finally returned to their classrooms. Despite their schools reopening, it’s still important for students to take the necessary measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

Initially, one would think that it’d be hard to maintain proper social distancing, especially in a classroom setting with kids, but these first graders in Hangzhou have found a pretty smart way of going about it:

source: Twitter

Pictured above are a class of first graders in Hangzhou who have crafted ‘social distancing headgear’ in order to keep a safe social distance from one another. According to Twitter user @chowleen, the long plumes sticking out of their headgear was inspired by Song Dynasty hats (see below).

source: Twitter

@chowleen also claimed that the main purpose of those plumes were to “prevent officials from conspiring sotto voce (quietly) with one another while at court”. If that ain’t social distancing, I don’t know what is. Either way, JUICE applauds the creativity of that whole classroom!

(*Featured image taken from Twitter)

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