Indian Man Wins Social Distancing By Building Treehouse To Self-Isolate

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For a man in Uttar Pradesh, self-isolating at home is apparently not enough to curb the virus, but building a treehouse out of old planks of wood will definitely do the trick.

After hearing that social distancing is the best way to ensure Covid-19 doesn’t come knocking on their door, Mukul Tyagi and his son decided to take it a step further, a step higher, so they built a treehouse. Technically, the structure is moreso a platform lodged between branches, made out of old wood but the concept is still there. I bet the coronavirus can’t climb trees, huh?

source: Twitter/ANI UP

When interviewed, Mukul’s son had this to say about his father’s idea,

“My father came up with the idea of building the treehouse. We used dried trees and cut them in order to make the planks and then we tied those planks together. It was a great experience building the treehouse.”

It’s an interesting and certainly out-of-the-box innovation. Instead of confining themselves to a house, they realised that they didn’t have to in order to practice social distancing. They found other ways to self-isolate and it just so happens to be one that allows them to be close with nature. Watch the process of building the house below.

Although the idea might be short-lived since most of us aren’t fit to live on trees forever, we appreciate the effort and creativity.

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