M’sian Indie Band Hawa Debuts With ‘Aku Dah Mati’, A Catchy Track About Feeling Betrayed

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Malaysian grunge, indie rock, and alternative band Hawa recently made a strong debut with their first single, ‘Aku Dah Mati‘, a deeply personal track that explores the emotional journey of experiencing betrayal.

Eff Hakim, the band’s lead singer, also wrote and produced the single. Meanwhile, Faiq, who mixed and produced the track, Acap from The Fridays on drums, and Tiinesh from Clapmother on bass all contributed to the band’s overall sound.

‘Disebabkan dendam tapi kau macam babi’

‘Aku Dah Mati’ album art. (source: @hawa.flac via Instagram)

From realising that she trusted the wrong person to feeling like she was dead to the friend she was once close to, the song explores the painful feeling of being backstabbed, similar to the lyrical brilliance of Kali Uchis’ ‘Dead To Me‘.

“Lyrically, this song is a bratty play on Malay lyrics that likens being betrayed to the feeling of being murdered.

“The song is more about rebirth than it is about death. But ultimately, it is about a toxic situation with an ounce of cynical sense of humour and a tiny bit of empathy,” said Eff Hakim.

(source: @hawa.flac via Instagram)

Despite the heavy yet playful message, ‘Aku Dah Mati’ manages to convey its message with a soft and gentle touch, making it easily accessible to listeners.

This juxtaposition of heavy themes with a light and easy-to-listen-to melody adds depth to the song, making it both emotionally resonant and musically engaging.

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