‘Driving With Najib’ Goes Viral On Twitter

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(Source: Berita Daily)

Since former-PM Najib doesn’t have to take care of us as our leader anymore, one can imagine that he’s been having quite a bit of free time what with the vacay to Langkawi and all. We could also imagine him in a very The Office-ish mockumentary that would revolve around his daily life… Turns out someone had a similar idea.

If you were ever curious about how the self-proclaimed “Bugis Warrior” spends his days, then this parody video will take you on a short drive, with Najib in the driver’s seat.

The video starts off with Day 1–Najib exploring the functions of the car as now he doesn’t get the luxury of being chauffeured around like a high-ranking government official–and soon develops a short storyline that gets funnier by the Days.

The parody maker, who is the the little brother of filmmaker, Junad M. Nor, really nails the voice of Najib.

He even managed to impersonate the voice of Morgan Freeman in a video posted by his Junad last year. But even that can’t beat Hadi M. Nor’s Najib-impersonation especially when he begins to sing! Watch it below:

The impressive impersonation vid gained 7.2k retweets and over 4.2k likes which is no surprise as Hadi is also an author himself. The siblings are the children of Malaysia’s most popular cartoonist, Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid who is also known to many as Lat. So that might be where they got their sense of humour.

Here’s that vid of Hadi doing an impersonation of Morgan Freeman, commenting on SS15, Subang Jaya:


Now if someone could compose a theme-song for his Najib video, we could approach a TV station to turn it into an actual series. Now, that’d be cooler than quinoa…

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(Pic Source: BERNAMA Images/ PAULTAN.ORG)