Creative Drug Gang Used Fake World Cup Trophies to Smuggle Cocaine

(source: AFP)

A rather creative drug-smuggling gang have been busted after Argentine police found cocaine and marijuana hidden inside replica World Cup trophies. Police discovered 1.5kg of drugs hidden inside the gongs, along with two guns and two cars during the search.

The police arrested six suspects during raids carried out at Isidro Casanova in La Matanza Partido, Greater Buenos Aires. Officers say the gang had exploited the merchandise boom of the 2018 World Cup to transport the drugs unnoticed.

(source: AFP)

Buenos Aires security minister Cristian Ritondo said, “The drug convictions must be strictly complied with, they do not go out of business, those who are imprisoned have to be imprisoned and serve their sentence. It is important that they be imprisoned, that they not return to the business.”

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