Quarantined or Working From Home? Here Are The Best Recent Netflix Shows To Binge-Watch

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Drink your water and wash your hands, people! (source: EIGHTY-SIXED/Youtube)

Not leaving the house is a piece of cake for introverts; it’s the way we flourish in life. But now, with the recent boom of COVID-19 cases permeating every aspect of the news, companies are issuing precautions and insisting their employees work from home. What may seem like a cause for celebration for introverts is actually the bane of an extrovert’s existence.

Say goodbye to your social life, for now (source: The Wolf of Wall Street)

How are they going to be the life of the party when mass gatherings are strictly forbidden? How are these social butterflies going to function when they’re alone at home with nobody to charm?

Well, maybe it’s time to fill that gaping, silent hole in your life with some recent Netflix shows?

The conversations happening on screen can make up for the lack of conversations in your real life (as sad as that may sound). This way, when you’re free from the shackles of your home and liberated into the world again, you’ll have many new shows to chat and rant about.

And don’t worry, if it gets too lonely, remember that Discord is now updating their server from 10 to 50 people as their screen share limit. Thanks for your consideration, Discord!

Without further ado, here are some new shows for you to binge-watch…

1. Elite (S1-S3)

source: readysteadycut.com

Is there anything hotter than a bunch of 18-year old Spanish teens getting it on with each other in a high-school setting? Yeah, I didn’t think so…

Elite is a show that revolves around the rich kids of Las Encinas and their incredibly complex and outlandish problems. No, I’m not talking about their Audi running out of gas or their pool not being heated at exactly the right temperature… I’m talking about how one of their classmates gets murdered and they all become prime suspects in a homicide investigation. Wow, Biggie really meant it when he said, “Mo money, mo problems”

Have you seen a hotter ensemble cast? (source: gotechdaily.com)

Throughout the 3 seasons, the students at Las Encinas are forced to navigate their burgeoning growth into adulthood by dealing with issues such as drug abuse, homophobia, xenophobia, classism and overall sexuality. The show reminds me a lot of Skins UK for its inclusivity and controversial topics. Also, both shows are superrr hot!

If you want a show that is incredibly addictive, fun, sexy and surprisingly clever, Elite is the way to go. Season 3 was just released in March 2020.

2. Castlevania (S1-S3)

source: Netflix

We have suffered too many bad video game adaptations and this show is the reward we deserve.

I can’t wrap my head around how a show this well-written and entertaining was inspired by a video game that looked like this. The creativity jumped out! 

source: futurecdn.net

Castlevania begins with Dracula finding love in a human. They get married and Dracula shares his bountiful knowledge with his wife which she then uses to make medicine and cure the village of illnesses. Her medical aid begins to arouse suspicion within the church since medicine was unheard of at the time. Blinded by overzealous piousness, the church accuses Dracula’s wife of witchcraft and burns her at the stake.

Angered by this decision, Dracula raises hell (literally) and creates an army of monsters to kill every human in sight. His wrath spreads like hellfire (no pun intended) and there is only 1 person who can stop him.

This show will have you questioning how a 2D cartoon could ever trump the gore you see in a Tarantino movie. The characters are also so witty and vulgar, you often get scenes like this.

Name a better bromance! You cant! source: Reddit

Overall, it’s one hell of a great time and perfect to binge-watch while you’re stuck at home. Season 3 was just released in March 2020.

3. Altered Carbon (S1-S2)

source: futurecdn.net

If the future is really this stylistic and sexy then maybe I do want to live forever…

Altered Carbon is one of the most stylistic glimpses into a distant future where technology has allowed us to live forever. By uploading our consciousness into disks that can be lodged into our spines, bodies (or ‘sleeves’ in this universe) are interchangeable. So, if you’ve always wanted an 8-pack set of abs, don’t worry, maybe your next sleeve would be that of Joel Kinnaman’s. Lucky…

Gnarly… source: syfy.com

Meet Takeshi Kovacs, a soldier turned investigator, who is tasked to solve a murder mystery that is plaguing the current dystopian world. After being plucked out of prison and offered a new chance at life, Kovacs begins the investigation that leads to many intertwining conflicts and scenes that fortunately require him to have his shirt off. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself…

Err yeah, I watch Altered Carbon for the “plot”. source: los40.com

The style is honestly the focal point for me when it comes to this show but that’s not to say the plot is boring. In fact, the action scenes are competently executed and the mystery-noir is intriguing enough to keep you hooked for more seasons to come. It kinda reminds me of Blade Runner especially because of the Japanese influences that enrich the experience.

If you’re looking for a cool, aesthetically pleasing sci-fi, try Altered Carbon. Season 2 was just released in February 2020.

4. Kingdom (S1-S2)

source: filmedinether.com

Nobody does zombies and period dramas better than the South Koreans… (Examples: Train To Busan and The Handmaiden respectively)

Let me tell you, The Walking Dead is cute when compared to the carnage and vast terror of Kingdom. The story is set within the Joseon dynasty and follows an investigation into the sudden and drastic epidemic of the undead plague. The King was pronounced dead which led to a race for the throne (sigh- I miss you Game of Thrones) and our protagonist, Crown Prince Lee Chang is next in line.

Of course, nothing is always that simple because if it was, there wouldn’t be a Season 2. It turns out, that his stepmother is pregnant with a boy who could potentially usurp Lee Chang’s claim to the throne. Knowing his life is in danger, he sets out to rescue his people from the plague but soon discovers that the truth is much more disturbing than he anticipated.

source: whats-on-netflix.com

What makes the show so addictive is the cinematography and the magnitude of the scenes. It feels like an epic story, told with intrigue and gore that makes looking away a difficult feat. The zombies are terrifying and the battle in Episode 3 is grand enough to compare it to ‘The Battle at Winterfell’.

Kingdom is not your typical zombie flick and it rightfully deserves your attention. Season 2 was just released in March 2020.

5. Ugly Delicious (S1-S2)

source: bustle.com

Now, here’s a show you can watch while you’re reheating your third serving of Kraft’s Mac & Cheese…

Okay, so this isn’t a cinematic or plot-driven show but it is about food and I think we can all agree when I say everyone eats! But… does everyone know the history behind the food we consume or the struggles of the chefs that present it to us? Don’t think so.

source: parade.com

With Ugly Delicious, host David Chang, restauranteur and acclaimed chef of Momofuku, as well as guest stars like Ali Wong and Aziz Ansari, delve deep into the types of food we eat and how it brings us comfort despite the fact that it may not be of Michelin star recognition. As a fellow Asian, he discusses the discrimination that takes place within the restaurant business and how Asian cuisine is often deemed subpar when compared to the likes of French or Italian cuisine.

Shedding new light and appreciation towards comfort food, Chang interviews chefs, food critics and locals to uncover the passion behind cooking, the history of the food and how gentrification has seriously undercut its importance within the Americans.

How much food are you serving us? This much! source: vox-cdn.com

This show is seriously heartwarming as Chang injects anecdotes from his own experiences with food and cooking without being a pretentious mess. Chang is often vulgar, funny and incredibly dedicated to absorbing all the information he receives from chefs around the world.

This show proves that food doesn’t have to be an abstract art piece for it to be delicious. Season 2 was just released in March 2020.

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