WATCH: Hip-Hop Queen, Zamaera Raps Impressively in Four Languages About OldTown’s Nasi Lemak & Coffee

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(source: OLDTOWN White Coffee YT)

Malaysia, being a multicultural society, comes with some gastronomical benefits so it makes sense that rap-star, Zamaera recently rapped in four languages about Malaysia’s go-to breakfast combo: nasi lemak and coffee!

Yesterday, OldTown White Coffee launched its new menu that includes the special Build-Your-Own Nasi Lemak option, new speciality coffees and bigger sized beverages. The 15-year-old company (21 if you count their FMCG line) introduced its new menu by dropping a hip hop track with the help of the risqué rapper.

(source: OLDTOWN White Coffee FB)

Of course, Zamaera delivered her signature sharp and cheeky lyrics, but what made us super-impressed is the fact that the ‘Helly Kelly’ singer, rapped in four languages–English, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil and Mandarin! She starts off in English and explains how the BYO (Build Your Own) Nasi Lemak menu works in Tamil, then shows off OldTown’s cooler-drinks in Mandarin before dropping another verse in BM – ugh, the power!

Grab your white coffee and watch the music video below:

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