Brooke Fraser: Electric/Eclectic Singer-Songwriter

Brooke Fraser’s latest incarnation turns out to be inspired by pop music that’s older, despite sounding like the current pop zeitgeist.


Team Me: Good Pop

JUICE managed to speak to vocalist Marius Drogsas Hagen to get the lowdown on making good pop music and Norway’s metal scene.


URBANSCAPES ’14: What to Bring For Your Mini Road Trip Up the Highlands

Things to bring to improve your personal brand.


Farah Liyana: Sugar Princess

Using the very thing that ruins human organs to create faux human organs.


Leo Ari: Pop Culture Mirror

Leo Ari takes pop culture and reflects it back upon us.

Sneak Peek

New Balance 530 Premium

A classic given facelift.


Carmen Lozar

Recreating beautiful small moments in life via glass work is one heck of pretty cool thing.

Sneak Peek

fragment design x Nike Roshe LD-1000 SP

These Hiroshi Fujiwara designed Roshe’s are simply way too dope.


Steve Spazuk, The Fire Painter

Enter the realm of the fire painter.