URBANSCAPES ’14: What to Bring For Your Mini Road Trip Up the Highlands

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source: Urbanscapes

The entire experience of Urbanscapes won’t begin at its front door, but instead at the first step you take entering your Volkswagen Camper van that your friends and you have searched high and low for. Documenting the entire journey up to the highlands and the festival is very important to your personal brand. So we’ve come up with a checklist of stuff for you to bring to make this journey of yours straight up fire.

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Polaroid and/or film camera
Don’t trouble yourself with a DSLR camera, you have your smartphone for that. Instead, you should build memories that ‘last’ with a Polaroid or 35mm film camera. Never mind the hassle of changing films, or having to adjust your depth of field or even finding proper lighting, this is some artsy-fartsy shit we’re talking about here. It’s essential for your followers on social media to know that you actually can operate a vintage equipment.


Jackets, coats, parkas, and any form of outerwear
Come on, guys and girls. We know this was your first thought when you found out Urbanscapes was going to be held at a venue where the temperature is around 20 degree celsius. The amount of flexing you can finally exude in front of the camera and the eyes of many will be so high, you’d probably miss the entire concert (something we highly recommend not doing). Make sure you look at your favourite vintage stores, bundle markets, or fashion outlets for all dem jackets and whatnots to make sure your outfit game on that day is the flames.

source: Woodland Camouflage Military Deluxe Collapsible Stool

Foldable chair/mat/sleeping bag
If you’re really into nature and all that jazz, then of course we’d suggest that you lie down in the plains taking in the cooling air, beautiful music, and artistic installations. But if you’re looking for some comfort and ease, we suggest you bring a foldable chair, mat, or sleeping bag to chill out. Trust us and our many years of experience, you’ll find these portable furniture that you’ve brought to be an amazing saving grace after a long period of walking and consecutive dancing.

source: Rizki Maulana
credit: Rizki Maulana

Good people
This, of course, is the most important bit. What’s more important than the acts that play are the people you surround yourself with while at Urbanscapes. Be it close friends, acquaintances, lovers, or family, make sure these people jive well with you and are able to properly snap a good #ootd photo of you so they can Instagram that to increase your personal branding. But then again, if you’re better off going alone, we won’t judge. People can be idiots, and it’s best you do things by yourself sometimes — this is your personal branding after all.

Urbanscapes ’14 is happening tomorrow at Awana Horse Ranch, Resorts World Genting. More info here.

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