Farah Liyana: Sugar Princess

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source: Farah Liyana

While her partner (Leo Ari) explores the dilemmas of the world via canvas and music, Farah Liyana’s work revolves around sugar and other organic materials. A wonderful baker herself, she seeks to create a way to elevate the audience’s senses via sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. Seeking to create an interactive piece allows for her to connect to her audience — their reaction feeds her drive to create more artworks. Evident in her latest installation, Sugar Oddities, the use of sugar to craft human organs plays with the ideal of deteriorating beauty as well as the irony of creating an organ with the very thing that causes it to suffer diseases and ailments. Manipulation and visual triggers play a big part in Farah’s work.

Instagram: @lilyosman_ / @tigrelilycakes

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