adidas x Pharrell Williams Consortium ‘Solid Pack’ Collection

source: adidas

Ever since adidas announced their triple threat plan to take over the sneaker world with their living mega weapons – Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Nigo – we haven’t had a moment’s peace.  So when they decidedly launched their first strike into the sneaker world by unveiling the ‘Solid Pack’ collection designed by Pharrell, we freaked the fuck out.

A unique take on the Stan Smith tennis shoes with solid colourways that include red, blue, and black, these sneakers are so simple yet still dripping with luxe elegance. Doused with a beautiful set of matching leather upper and outsole as well as a specially designed heel detail and foot reflexology chart-inspired insole, this pair is definitely all about the minute details. It’s the perfect casual/formal footwear for you. Whether you’re flexing in an all-black suit or stuntin’ with a ridiculously fly pair of jeans and tees, adding this pair of kicks to your outfit will throw your #ootd points out the window with the amount of likes and mentions you’ll receive (we might have exaggerated this part).

Now if only they dropped a white pair as well…

The ‘Solid Pack’ collection is priced at RM699 each and is available at JUICE KL, Bangsar.