Leo Ari: Pop Culture Mirror

source: Leo Ari

Bursting out of nowhere with enigmatic music videos ‘SILAP’ and ‘Karma’, Adli Nazrin, better known as Leo Ari, whose diverse background in arts and video proves that a true creative soul explores every avenue possible in the pursuit of arts – be it through music or the canvas. A graduate of UiTM, Adli Nazrin uses his art to find peace with himself as well as understand the world and its dilemmas. Having a deep interest in the aspects of the mind, whether psychology or philosophy, he derives his work from Freudian and Jungian perspectives. By visualising the various semiotics cues around us, he uses pop culture references as a tool. In his own words, “The essence of what I do is capturing contemporary dilemmas and mirroring it back to society as a tool of reflection to them.”

Instagram: @itsleoari