Sultan KL: Pocket Panache

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Imagine yourself strolling through the internet, looking for the newest trend, scouting around for the latest must-haves. Then you come across a site, and it produces the most interesting things that fashion has often overlooked. Yup, we’re talking about pockets.

Sultan KL is the direct definition of style that could very well catch the attention of many onlookers in the fashion scene. Started in 21 June 2012, the new infant among fashion sites has somehow managed to wriggle into the hearts of people who have stumbled across them in Tumblr. So we know what you’re thinking, pockets? Yeah, we thought the same thing; but with many of the styles bleeding into each other nowadays, we need a little something different to brighten up our raison d’etre, to keep us aware that the little things can make a big difference.

Their line, inspired by the Asiana-Malaysiana concept, seeks to explore the array of Asian-type fabric that many in the fashion industry have yet to venture into. Their form is to be different, to not follow a particular trend or movement, but to use what they know to be simply beautiful; keeping what is an integral part of our culture steadily grounded in their ideas, however, not being afraid to muck around with what they have.

Although we may have pre-conceived notions that this tiny accessory wouldn’t do squat for our outfits, slapping on a batik-type design that Sultan KL produces can bring a whole new meaning to a regular blue baby tee. It may look simple and sweet, but it’s far from being ordinary. The world of pockets is endless; many cuts and designs are available in the market and Sultan KL seeks to uncover them all. But aside from that, they don’t just design, they hand-make every pocket; adding a personal touch to each of them, so that everyone may have an individual taste to their desired article of clothing.

So for the moment, Sultan KL is just getting their grounding. Producing pocket by pocket to keep authenticity in their products and to make a name for themselves, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t having any plans. Recently, they are in talks with a Canadian streetwear label and a signed American band to work on some collaborations with them. They are even working on designing said band’s outfits for their tour. How do you like them apples non-believers?

Sultan KL’s Sarung Pocket Tee retails at RM60, Batik Pocket Tee RM70, and Sultan Exclusive Tee RM75.

Check out Sultan KL’s Facebook page at or visit their site at to see what they have in store for you. 

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