What Went Down: Glenmorangie Tasting Session @ Stage KL

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With Glenmorangie being one of the leading brands of high quality Scotch whisky, it was only right for JUICE to partner up with them to have a spectacularly sophisticated night of tasting and socialising. Although it was a closed event, holding a limited number of spaces, the night still managed to bring together those who had nothing more but enthusiasm and affinity to the tastes and sensations that the brand had to offer.

Led by Ben Ng of fluid Alchemy, the ambassadors of the Scotch whisky label, the tasting session brought together the elements of class, refinement, and style that no other could reproduce. His knowledge was extensive, explaining to the attendees of the origins, methods, experiences and tastes that go into producing fine whisky.

When it was time for the tasting to begin, Ben did nothing more than translate his passion into the description of the flavours that the 3 whisky samples had in store for each and every one of the guests. Given the opportunity to taste the lightly spiced and ripe pear flavours of the 10 year Glenmorangie Original; the masculine butterscotch and sensory spurring 12 year old Glenmorangie Lasanta; and the complex yet sophisticated flavours of the 12 year old Glenmorangie Nectar D’or, invitees could very well have been converted into loving whisky more than most of them already did.

They embraced the liquor as more than a party drink, but an element that should be enjoyed and respected as a welcome addition to a lifestyle of refinement. As the sampling came to a close, everyone had a chance to wind down and mingle after a hard day’s work. There was even an informal give away, as Ben unleashed a series of questions to unsuspecting victims (the ones smart enough googled their answers on their smartphones) with little trinkets from Glenmorangie and fluid Alchemy as prizes.

The Glenmorangie Tasting Session happened at Stage KL on 31 July 2012. Find more pictures of the session by clicking here. If  you’re interested check out Glenmorangie, visit their site here or log on to their facebook page.