Bihzhu: The Nightingale Sings

Bihzhu’s new album Nightingale Tales is just one of those things that you pick up and go, “hmm… why not?” Why not indeed, is what we have to say; she is one of those artists that has clear, crisp vocals, who sings about the beauty life brings without being too overly nauseous or smug about it. She doesn’t push an idea; she just says it as a passing note rather than shouting it in the town square.

She’s like a voice that you would randomly hear in a field of corn, spend countless hours looking for, and make your return everyday hoping that you would catch her again. When you finally do, she will sing in your head, making you hum or whistle as you go about your day, infecting every fibre of your being with her simple grace and heartfelt melodies that pull on your heartstrings and douse you with the sights, sounds and taste of fresh sun sweet honey.

Songs that are our favourites from the album, although they are all good in their own way, are ‘The Heart Way’, ‘Easy Peasy’ and ‘Xia Bai Chan’. Although the album might only hold 6 tracks in its entirety, you cannot overlook the quality of its production; sweet vocals, amazing musical accompaniment and high quality sound which dances through your speakers. Support a fellow Malaysian, who JUICE thinks, deserves to be heard for what she loves, and clearly, what she does.

Visit her site here or look her up on Facebook.