The Lighthouse and The Whaler: Venician Stroll

As if they’re the brainchild of Train, Dave Matthews Band and The Beatles (that concoction sounds all kinds of wrong), The Lighthouse and the Whaler is a monstrosity that is so amazingly good that it almost seems wrong. You get everything with these guys, from crazy quirky sounds to seriously well-thought out lyrics.

It couldn’t be worse for wear that many artists are always trying to ride along the shores of the singer-songwriter genre, but to actually do it without descending into boring complacency is the ultimate challenge. What we have here is a band that crosses boarders of musicdom without trying too hard; they’re making music for music’s sake, controlled whateverness with a hint of playful indiscretion.

‘Venice’ is one of those tracks that combusts from the stiches of the band’s wardrobe. It leaks in classic rock styles of the electric keyboard and guitar, bang beats of the tambourine and drums, mixing in the allegoric ideas through the vocals, to compound a base hit that gives you goose bumps unlike any other.

Honest harmoniums are already a rarity, so JUICE thinks you should sample these nutters and get into their “smile-shoulder shrug” approach to creating music.