The Most Clean Fun We Had at a Rave @ Djakarta Warehouse Project ’16

Five-star experience right down to the female portaloos.


Levelling Up with Clams Casino

“The sounds [Lil B and I] made, or came to be known for, we figured it out together, we made that together.”

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KEEN UNEEK Monochrome Collection

Wear these sandals with pride.


Ramayan, Standing on Their Own Feet Together

“I think for us, psychedelic in our context is in the mindset, not the genre.”


Laila’s Lounge: “People tend to call us Radiohead of Malaysia — we’re trying to get away from that now.”

We catch up with Hadi and Wandi as they talk to us about their mission to hit the mainstream.

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Rihanna’s All-New FENTY x PUMA Velvet Creeper is Coming to Malaysia!

2016’s Shoe of the Year now available in velvet.


Ruby Uzi’s Plain Sensitivity

“It’s my form of storytelling. I’m not talkative but I still want to share my story.”


Fry Yusof’s Sarcastically Humorous Illustrations

Matt Groening and Mike Judge are major inspirations.


Floating Points : “I’m really into the idea of creating space to live in.”

Sam Shepherd on the importance of context and space in his electronic compositions.

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Get Ready for Rogue One with These Superga x Star Wars Sneakers

Options include Darth Vader, C3P0, R2D2, and Stormtrooper.