Ruby Uzi’s Plain Sensitivity

The blank face of the central female character starring in Ruby Uzi’s work remains so because she’d like for her illustrations to be as relatable as possible. But also, she confesses that she isn’t great at drawing facial features.

She refers to herself as “ridiculously shy,” her compulsion to draw came as a result of her taciturn nature, “It’s my form of storytelling. I’m not talkative but I still want to share my story.” She further shares of how her quiet tendency as a kid nurtured her artistic sensibilities, “I was that quiet kid in school who ate glue and Play-Doh, and doodle on tables, walls, floors, and on my uniform… I wasn’t good at making friends, so since a child that’s how I occupied my time, I guess that started it.” Her personality is clear in her understated art – they have an air of plain sensitivity that evokes intimacy.

Ruby looks up to multidisciplinary designer Nawwar Shukriah Ali or Bono Stellar, the founder of Stellar Studios, for her adept eye for colour – a skill that she has yet to master. Aside from that, she hangs out with local outré streetwear brand Stakes Shop and has her work featured at Raksasa Print Studio. “I started submitting my stuff to them and they liked them, so thank God.”

More of her work below:

source: ruby uzi
source: ruby uzi