WATCH: Cannes 2023 Local Gem, ‘Tiger Stripes’ Shows A Budding Woman’s Roaring Strife with Puberty

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Tiger Stripes' chosen for Cannes Critics' Week

While some of us like to live a life of pure nihilism – how could we not, as age burden us with more problems than we could have ever imagined in our youths? However, even in such a mindset, films offer us a sense of solace.

Depicting our struggles with burgeoning adulthood through thoughtful cinematography and piercing scripts, we tend to feel seen and at times, represented.

There are many such films now under our belt, but the latest and most noteworthy comes in the form of Tiger Stripes.

Tiger Stripes Is The First Malaysian Film To Be Selected In Cannes Critics' Week 2023

A first for Malaysians, since Tiger Stripes is our debut into the renowned Cannes Critics’ Week, the film is brimming with potential and hope for filmmakers in our country.

Directed by Amanda Nell Eu and produced by Foo Fei Ling, the feature film under Ghost Grrrl Pictures has recently released its trailer and it has delivered on its promise for brilliance already in its 1:43 minute preview.

Watch it below:

Anchored by an intimate story of a young woman’s strife with puberty, the film includes the disturbing and sometimes ugly and animalistic truth of what it means to finally become a woman.

We see our protagonist morphing into something she does not recognise, which is most likely an allegory for how some women tend to lose ourselves in our pursuit of womanhood.

In French Horror Film 'Raw,' Cannibalism Meets Feminism | Vogue

From the trailer alone, we see the unsettling elements of Raw (2016), a French-Belgian film that sees a woman’s descent into madness, as she realises her affinity towards meat after a long period of being vegetarian.

The film will surely make a roaring impact on Malaysian audiences once it finally becomes available for us to consume, but until then, we are excited to see what else is kept up the sleeves of the filmmakers behind Tiger Stripes.

To keep up with them, follow the director on their Instagram page here. Hopefully, JUICE might even receive an exclusive screening in the future? *fingers crossed*

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