Pisco Bar

With its neighbour gone, Pisco Bar is likely to be the next favourite Changkat hangout spot.


Bottlez Houz

Where poor hipsters go on a Saturday night before hitting the bars and clubs.


Heli Lounge Bar

KL’s best kept secret is on top of the world.



When we think about recycled products we typically imagine them to bare, stripped down and earthy-looking because such environmentally friendly products have been designed to give that chemical free, au naturale perception. Unfortunately most of the times these products aren’t very unattractive and unexciting so how can these products motivate a consumer about recycling to […]


Bassjackers: Jacking The Bass

Bassjackers turned up the bass at Zouk last 6 April and we managed to chat with the DJ of the duo, Marlon Flohr.


Delphic: A Collection of Quirky Pop Lads

JUICE was able to snag Delphic’s guitarist Matt Cocksedge for an interview just a few days before they land in Malaysia.


Masia One: A Bootleg Aptitude

Masia One came back to Malaysia for the launch of Cypher Sundaze’s Hip Hop Karaoke and JUICE managed to catch this vibrant rapper for an interview and got envious of her carefree life and her cool pastel purple highlights.

Breaking News

Spotify Launched in Malaysia

This is all for the music lovers on the go. Spotify has finally hit our Malaysian shores today. Don’t know what a Spotify is? Well, ladies and germs, you’re about to be wow-ed. Spotify  is a commercial music streaming service providing DRM-Protected content from a range of major and independent record labels, including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal. You can […]


Levi’s® Brand 501® Range: Your New Bestie

Not everybody can be your best friend. No matter the amount of pleasurable times you’ve spent with them, or you may have a phone full of contacts from every region, but will they be there when your life suddenly crashes into the depths of hell (and backstab you when you are suffering there to boot)? […]


Fly to San Francisco with Levi’s® Brand 501® Goodies

A chance to show your love for quality denim and fly off to San Francisco.