Pisco Bar

source: Pisco Bar

T: 03 2142 2900
OPEN: 10.00AM – 1.00AM (Sun – Thurs) 10.00AM – 3.00AM (Fri – Sat)

If you’re sick of cramped space and too much hustle and bustle then this is a place for you. Located next to young urban go-ers favourite nightspot The Establishment (RIP) is Pisco Bar, where people come to enjoy each other’s company with a serving of delicious Peruvian food and their signature alcoholic beverage and namesake, pisco, of course. Established in late January 2013, Pisco Bar has created an eclectic urban chic atmosphere that attracts yuppie expats, trendy locals, and tourists for socialising and drinking. Without a doubt the bar is gorgeous with its handmade recycled artistic décor, exposed bricked walls, and bucket lamps with the lights slightly dimmed to set off an atmospheric vibe. If that’s not enough, Penang street artist Ammar Khalifa has an original graffiti painting adorning the wall at the back of the venue. No tacky art passing off as sophistication here, unlike certain venues. Though Pisco Bar is known for their Peruvian specialties, they also serve Spanish food such as tapas and regular bar drinks as well. This bar is basically a mix of everything, just like Peru, which happens to be very multicultural too, like us. To accommodate more people and their upcoming monthly regular nights and gigs, Pisco Bar opened up a mezzanine floor last month so that people could dance, drink and socialise their weekly woes away. Jalan Mesui just got a hell lot more competitive.

CLIENTELE On average the crowd of Pisco Bar are normally working folks from age 25 to late 30s. So yes, this place is pretty sophisticated. No kids here.

DRINKS Forget your usuals and order the bar’s signature pisco cocktails such as Pisco Sour, Pisco Punch, and Chilcano de Pisco (RM26 each).

HAPPY HOURS Before 8pm – a pint of Carlsberg for RM20, Asahi for RM25, Kronenbourgh Blanc for RM32 and Stella Draught for RM32.

EATS Spoilt for choice. Try their Peruvian food or their signature dishes such as Stewed Lamb, Stir Fried Beef or Pork, Grilled Chicken with Rice, Pisco Pork Burger, and Stir Fried Pork. It’s porcine goodness here folks.

MUSIC POLICY Nothing mainstream as what one of the bar owners claimed. During the weekends, the bar will start off with British or American pop, then funk and groovy tunes will be played around dinner time and as the night progresses the bar will pick up the pace by playing electro pop or anything that you can dance with while enjoying a glass of pisco. The owner, despite being Spanish, knew local acts too well – citing Tenderfist, Couple, The Impatient Sisters, and more – so much so that he promises their upcoming gigs will very much cater to the indie scene.

DRESS CODE Sophisticated and decent, nothing that allows the customers to have an eyesore.

PARKING Anywhere in Changkat.