Fly to San Francisco with Levi’s® Brand 501® Goodies

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As advised – and sung – by the famous Scott McKenzie, “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” Well we would like to differ on that because, sir, if you’re lucky enough to go to San Francisco, wearing Levi’s® brand 501® jeans is what you will be doing.


With the celebration of Levi’s® brand 501® range being 140 years old, Levi’s® brand felt the appreciation of your loyalty so much so that they will be flying one of you to Levi’s® brand birthplace, San Francisco, for a 6 night 4 day stay – plus with a 500USD shopping voucher to boot! All you have to do is answer their 10 history and trivia questions here.

Each participant can submit as many 501® History And Trivia entries as they want, but are only eligible to win once. So you guys better do your research on Wikipedia and jot down what are the wrong answers and what are the right answers or somebody else’s name will be on that flight ticket. Knowing that’s the most likely thing participants will do, the trivia is also centred on educating your knowledge of the brand. As you choose your answers, Levi’s® brand will give you a short brief of 501®’s history based on the answers, ensuring that you understand their heritage with questions like the birthplace of Levi’s® brand (hint: Golden Gate Bridge) and so forth. So go forth and give the trivia a try and win yourself a vacation you’ve always needed. The winners of the contest will be announced on 29 April 2013.


If you’re not up to the par of answering trivial questions (because you’re brain dead or just plain lazy), Levi’s® brand also have another contest for you which includes you to create and show off your interpretation of the 501® look. It’s just like Polyvore, but only with Levi’s® brand 501® goodies. Mix and match the clothes digitally and stand a chance of winning an exclusive Levi’s® brand 501® Boxed Set worth RM1000 which will include items from the ensemble you created. But wait, sharing your 501® look will also put you in the running to win a trip to San Francisco too! Killing 2 birds with one stone, bro. Click here to enter the contest.


This is for you aspiring fashionistas out there. Levi’s® brand 501® is inviting you to show off your interpretation of 501® and show off your creativity of mix and match of clothes internationally. You can upload your look online for the world to see in this global Levi’s® brand lookbook. There are no prizes on this but the best 501® interpretation will be featured in a 501® book and limited copies will be printed. Click here to enter your look online and be immortalised.

The contest of Levi’s® brand 501® History and Trivia and My 501® Locker will be announced on  Monday 29 April 2013. Good luck and may the force be with you. Go ahead and enter the contest to win yourself a vacation you’ve always needed or some Levi’s® brand 501® goods.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. A judging panel from Levi Strauss (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. will select the San Francisco Contest winner based on the most creative My 501® Locker entry of the participants with the highest 501® History And Trivia Quiz scores registered on their first attempt.
  2. Participants’ winners ranking will be based on the combined participation in the 501® History And Trivia Quiz and My 501® Locker activity, as well as successful Shares on social media channels, via Facebook and Twitter.

Levi’s® brand 501® collection is available from RM 299 – RM 399 at all Levi’s® brand stores. Go to Levi’s® brand 501® official website. For more info or follow Levi’s® brand on Facebook and Twitter (@LevisMY).