Levi’s® Brand 501® Range: Your New Bestie

Not everybody can be your best friend. No matter the amount of pleasurable times you’ve spent with them, or you may have a phone full of contacts from every region, but will they be there when your life suddenly crashes into the depths of hell (and backstab you when you are suffering there to boot)? Will they?! Sorry, got a little bit emotional there. Ladies and gents, it’s the same situation with jeans. You can have a closet full of different labelled jeans – from cikai brand to high end – and wear them all the time. But will they be as durable as you thought it would be and worth your money? Well, Levi’s® brand can. Especially Levi’s® brand 501® jeans, and we know our 501® like our best friend (cue curtain call).

Being in the business for 140 years, Levi’s® brand 501® has lived more than a centennial of history; from the humble beginnings of being worn by miners (badass cred), the greaser teen rebellion of Marlon Brando in the ‘50s, hippie peace movement in the ‘60s and ‘70s, the grunge era in the ‘90s when Kurt Cobain (god bless his soul) was perma-attached Levi’s® brand 501® to the pop revival of the millennium years. The brand is still keeping the promise of unlikely giving us the tear-at-the-crotch-area-situation until now.

Come this year, Levi’s® brand has released their SS13 collection which marks the beginning of the new future for the ubiquitous Levi’s® brand 501® jeans with newer colours like Burnished Blue and Low Road Dark Wash to add in to their denim oeuvre. The brand isn’t contented with just expanding their colour spectrum though. Celebrating their 140th anniversary of their iconic 501® range, Levi’s® brand is including non-denim collection for the first time.

The non-denim collection is available in True Chino, Chalk Blue and Mineral Red khakis to give one a preppy yet defiant look. Keeping up with the needs of society, Levi’s® brand have revamped the denim and non-denim 501® range with new features in their slightly tighter silhouette, more comfortable waist area to stuff more food in your belly (and avoid a muffin top), slightly larger pockets to store today’s smartphone design, and shallower yoke for a cleaner aesthetic. With Levi’s® brand reputation for authentic craftsmanship of their products, it also features stronger stitching and reinforced belt loops, inseams, buttonholes and cuffs. There are also new collection of different patterned shirts, denim shirts and tops to compliment your daily look.

Constantly adapting to changing times and always keeping to the most current and discerning tastes in style, Levi’s® brand 501® is the same as always but like never before. The colours are versatile where you can mix and match to fit your desire; it can be anything from casual attire to work clothes to party getup. A staple classic attire that you can wear every day and people won’t judge you for being an outfit repeater.

The brand is all about individualism. To show appreciation for those of us who had been rocking their jeans since infancy, Levi’s® brand is showcasing 501® styles from around the world by inviting you guys, the public, to share their 501® look through here or #501. Be immortalised on web as part of the global Levi’s® gallery. Better still, a little birdie with a swanky Levi’s® brand 501® jeans told us Levi’s® brand is holding a trivia contest to win yourself a 6 days 4 nights trip to San Francisco with 500USD shopping money! Click here to join the contest.

So, God bless you Levi’s® brand for being there for us when I needed you the most and not giving up on me after all that running, jumping and liquid spilling’s (not what you think) because there’s no other jeans like it. Cheesy but it’s the truth.

Levi’s® brand 501® collection is available from RM 299 – RM 399 at all Levi’s® brand stores. Go to Levi’s® brand official website for more info or follow them on their Facebook and Twitter at @LevisMY