Bottlez Houz

source: Bottlez Houz

OPEN: 10.00AM – 10.00PM (SUN – FRI) 10.00AM – 12.00AM (SAT)

Whether we’re just bar hopping or buying liquor at a shop in KL, we are always bombarded with overpriced drinks (of the alcoholic persuasion). But sooner or later, we will curse the fact that we will eventually give in and fork out cash to pay for an overpriced pint of beer, just  so we can have a good time with our mates. Until now that is. We don’t want to be selfish by having this little secret all to ourselves but we’ve found a haven for cheap drunks like us in the middle of Changkat. This is a spot for you to get tipsy before you hit the clubs or bars around the streets, or buy some bottles for a house party. Bottlez Houz is a small liquor store located next to a barbershop opposite Bakita Bar. Exceptionally cheap, Bottlez Houz is run by a father and son team and has been in the business for 6 months, doing remarkably well too if they were to be believed. Well, of course it is, look at the prices! Three cans of Chang beer for only RM10, who wouldn’t like that? Why are the drinks cheap there, you ask? “Kalau jual mahal-mahal, dosa mah,” quoted the son. You must be wondering if it’s cheap because they smuggled duty-free liquors and beers? That’s what we thought too, but apparently all the bottled drinks and beer cans include tax in their price tags. It’s just that they prefer to sell it cheap because they just want people to be merry. Unlike other liquor store, the exterior sports barrels where you cheap hipsters can drink your Chang beers on. Alternatively you can proceed to the next destination, where to drink your purchases is up to you but just make sure the popo don’t see you drinking in public. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

CLIENTELE Local cheapskates and tourists, anybody unwilling to spend more than RM20 for a good time.

DRINKS Lo and behold, here comes every drinker’s paradise. Selling the cheapest beers and liquors in town; 3 cans of your choice of Chang, Fosters, Singha or Besgold beer for RM10. Johnnie Walker Black Label for RM120, Absolut Vodka for RM85 and majority of the well known liquor brands are sold less than RM180. There’s also a variety of wine from RM25 – RM130 and Moët & Chandon Champagne for RM250. Every day is Christmas for us.

HAPPY HOURS It’s a liquor store, no happy hours here but with the price they’re selling, every minute is happy hour!

EATS What food? DRINK.

MUSIC POLICY If you enjoy some Hindi music, by all means, the store plays some badass authentic Hindi tunes.

DRESS CODE If you appear at the store with booty short and a fishnet top on, I don’t think they would mind but you’ll be receiving some pervy glares or a weird look if you’re a dude.

PARKING Anywhere in Changkat.