A 4-Way Experimental Audio Experience @ Minut Init Art Social

Sat, 11th Feb '17

9pm - 12am

Minut Init art social

Shop + Owner

Minut Init Art Social + Dali, James, Jon & Ikmal

No longer an underground art gallery, but a space where all forms of art and people are embraced.

Last Word

Abe’s Last Word on Minut Init

A final love letter to Minut Init.


The New Emo is Dead – Celebrate Lil Peep’s Legacy at Minut Init

Sun, 26th Nov '17


Minut Init art social


Beatnix Returns to Minut Init

Sat, 29th Jul '17

9.30pm - Late

Minut Init art social


Songs to Heal Your Millennial Heartbreak, feat. alextbh

From the aftermath to the rebirth, we’ve got you covered.


Find Malaysia’s Most Uniquely Bewildering Music Acts Up the Stairwell to Minut Init

Sat, 8th Jul '17

9pm - 12am

Minut Init art social


Corin Roddick of Purity Ring Would Like a Little Less Nickelback and Fewer Smartphones

We speak to one-half of Purity Ring about creating an emotional connection during their live performances, pop music, and uh… Nickelback.


Time x Space: Art Group Exhibition

Fri, 8th Apr '16 - Thu, 14th Apr '16

9pm - 2am

Minut Init Art Social