A 4-Way Experimental Audio Experience @ Minut Init Art Social

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The artiste roster for this four-way musical performance includes Sudarshan Chandra Kumar of Think! Tadpole! Think! whose sets are known to comprise loopers, synths, and effect pedals; then, there’s Goh Lee Kwang of Herbal Records who seeks to create new and unusual experiences for the audience. Next, it’s German-native Ignaz Schick, his speciality is focusing on obscure sounds and records (he also loves skipping and white noise); lastly, Christian Meass Svendsen of Norway who dedicated four years of his life to studying jazz and improvisation, he also founded a record label — Nakama Records — and is constantly searching for innovative ways to combine classical and contemporary music harmoniously. There’s a cover fee of RM20 at the door but the experience will be well worth the money.

More information on the event here