The New Emo is Dead – Celebrate Lil Peep’s Legacy at Minut Init

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Though most of Malaysian hip hop have not caught on with the current zeitgeist of the genre, look deeper into the scene and you’ll find cats like the Clumsygang (led by Ichu), Attune, and Cønfucius – young’uns indebted to cross-genre luminaries like the late Lil Peep. Naturally, the recent passing of Peep is cause for a memorial show for them as they will hold a tribute to Lil Peep, Rest in Peep, with other likeminded acts, namely Finance, Lil Illegal Money, Wuzgut, NewsChannel4, and Shilky.

Poster art by Yung Buddha.

Cønfucius has this to say about Peep’s influence, “We’re plainly looking to be sad with people who enjoyed his music and also take the opportunity to celebrate this bracket of punk-emo SoundCloud, which came to be largely because of artistes like Lil Peep.”

“It’s also a sound that a lot of the younger kids enjoy – just as we’ve enjoyed our fair share of ‘00s emo boy aesthetic,” he adds, in reference to Peep’s oft-claimed status as “the Future of Emo” when he was alive.

While the Clumsygang collective is known for their rowdy, mosh pit-inducing shows – at one point becoming the cause of Minut Init’s power amp blowing up – Rest in Peep will see them taking it a few notches down for a day of emo acoustic jams and covers of Peep’s songs. There’ll even be an open mic for GothBois to join in on the sadness.

Listen to Cønfucius and Finance’s tribute to Peep below:

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