Find Malaysia’s Most Uniquely Bewildering Music Acts Up the Stairwell to Minut Init

Minut Init is back with another gig, and this time they’re hosting Up the Stairwell – a showcase involving three of the local scene’s off-kilter bands. If you’re looking to lose yourself in a night filled with performances on the more psychedelic and experimental end of the rock scale, you know that you only need to head to Minut Init art social on 8 July.

More about the lineup:


Skits are an instrumental, genre-transcending band whose output ranges from spiky punk noise to danceable indie rock tunes. They released their debut album BUT NO. – named after their response to a world of growing bullshit – just last year. Expect cutting, to-the-point commentary on sociopolitical issues, presented entirely through shrieking guitars, sprawling synths, funky bass lines, and no vocals at all save for audio samples.

Stream the band’s album BUT NO. below:

Read our profile on them here.


Kyogg don’t operate like most bands do – they’re a “long-distance” two-piece, made up of Kuala Lumpur-based Fahmi and Tokyo-based Kimal. Live, they’re a four-piece, with extra personnel added to fill their rhythm section. From this alone, you should be able to tell that Kyogg are really like nothing you’ll ever have seen or heard before. Their music treads the fine line between electronica, psychedelia, and rock music, with some unintentional Krautrock thrown in too.

Capt’n Trips & The Kid

Capt’n Trips & the Kid are a psychedelic surf rock band who describe themselves as “something caught between your personal opinion on the Trump presidency, and Paul McCartney’s denial that ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ was about hallucinogens.” Delightfully lo-fi and harking back to the days when ‘Misirlou’ was known for itself and not just a sample on a Black Eyed Peas song, get ready for the trip of a lifetime without even needing to take any LSD – unless, of course, you want to.

Stream S R O O M below:

Stay tuned to Minut Init’s Facebook event for updates on the gig.