Stakes Shop x HOAX Vision Pres. Lotus Club 2 with Tobu and Juko

Date: Saturday 27 February ’16
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Stakes Shop Pop Up Store @ Raksasa Print Studio


Stakes Shop’s Clear Vision

Local streetwear that strays from the tired all-black template.


Lotus Club’s 7th Edition feat. lurkgurl, Orang Malaya, Fatim, Emir Hermono, Jaggfuzzbeats & More @ Transit

Thu, 16th Feb '17 - Sun, 19th Feb '17

11am (pop-up store, gig time TBA)

2 Hang Kasturi


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Typography workshops, Japanese film screening, a food festival and your chance to be on your worst behaviour (and we’re not talking about the punk gig tonight)…


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