Do You Ignore Paper Cuts & Small Wounds? Here’s Why Doing So Could Lead To Bigger Problems

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When it comes to minor cuts, it’s easy to underestimate their significance

Most people generally disregard minor wounds, especially if it’s something small like paper cuts and scratches.

Though seemingly insignificant, even minor cuts require proper care and attention. These open wounds are potential entry points for bacteria to enter the body, which may cause various complications, like an infection that can lead to sepsis. Without timely treatment, sepsis can cause organ failure and death.

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Besides overlooking small wounds, there are also a few common mistakes people make, which increase the risk of infection.


Here are three common wound-care mistakes to avoid:

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1. Washing your wound under running tap water
Contrary to popular belief, washing wounds under running water is not recommended. Tap water may contain contaminants and bacteria, increasing the risk of infection. Instead, it is recommended to clean the wound with a wound cleansing solution to protect from infection.

2. Leaving your wound exposed
According to Cleveland Clinic, most wounds need to be covered to protect the area from dirt, germs, and further injury. They don’t need to be exposed to the air in order to ‘breathe’. In fact, leaving them out in the open would increase the chance of bacteria entering as well as actually drying out the new skin cells.

3. Scratching or picking your wound
Your wound will likely be itchy and painful during the recovery process. However, resist the urge to scratch or pick at it, as it may cause scarring or infection. Remember, itching means your wound is healing.


Whether it’s a small cut or a surgical wound with stitches, it’s important to treat it the right way to prevent infections.

Good wound care doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, Hansaplast makes caring for your wound at home easy.

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Hansaplast offers a wide range of wound care products to make treating your wounds hassle-free and straightforward. Whether you’re looking for a plaster of any kind, a wound-cleaning spray, or even a wound-healing ointment, Hansaplast has it all.

For Hansaplast, your wellbeing is of utmost importance — they continuously produce products that prevent wound infections, and support faster healing.


In fact, it is recommended to follow this three-step wound care routine so your wounds can heal faster and without risk of infection:

Image via Hansaplast (Provided to JUICE)

A cleansed wound is the first step to optimal healing. Cleanse your wound from dirt, bacteria, and visible particles with the pain-free Hansaplast Wound Spray to prevent infections.*

GC6977620-46350 Registered under Act 737
GC6977620-46350 Registered under Act 737 [Image via Hansaplast (Provided to JUICE)]

The second step is to protect your wound from dirt and bacteria to allow for undisturbed healing. Cover your wound with a plaster, sterile wound dressing, or compress. Hansaplast plasters block 99% of bacteria from entering the wound.** They come in multiple sizes and durability, as well as for different skin types.

Let your wound heal two times faster, and with a lower risk of scarring compared to an untreated wound by applying the Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment regularly until it has healed completely.

GB5648120-46349. Registered under Act 373. [Image via Hansaplast (Provided to JUICE)]

With Hansaplast, you can prevent your wounds from infection and heal faster

Over the last 100 years, Hansaplast has become one of the most trusted plaster brands worldwide, giving people the confidence to live a life uninterrupted and providing families with optimal protection for everyday injuries.

Image via Hansaplast (Provided to JUICE)

Stock up your first aid kit with Hansaplast products, so you can treat any sudden minor injuries at any time. You can shop their products at Hansaplast’s official Shopee Mall as well as leading pharmacies like CaringGuardian, and Watsons.

*95% of test users agree. PMCF-Study, 95% agreement, “Wound Spray is pain-free to use”, n=59, Freese R, physician, principal investigator, Hamburg, 2019
**Hansaplast plasters protect against dirt and bacteria

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