A whole weekend of gigs, plus an erudition of Lat’s work by University of Malaya and an art showcase that makes the case for art as a transmitter of peace.

Friday to Sunday – Market + Gig at Transit Pop-Up Store x Lotus Club 7 @ 2 Hang Kasturi, 11am (pop-up store) / various (gigs)

source: Transit

Four-day-long pop-up store Transit – which features pieces by Against LabThe Deciders StoreJTNC By Justin ChewTarik JeansAnaabuPantun PinsShuren ProjectsTsyahmi Daily, and many more – with its musical side curated by Lotus Club, as presented by Stakes Shop and Third Culture, has been happening since Thursday. Its eclectic lineup on that side includes Zulamran Hilmi, Nafsu, Lionel Rizki, Roshan, Emir Hermono, Fatim, Viktoria, Jaggfuzzbeats, Orang Malaya, Lurkgurl, Youth Portal, Joni Atari, South China Sea, Hyku, Yohan & Rivers, Jason Vai, Rooks, and Pitscop. The artistes are split across Transit’s four dates, all of which comes with a cover fee of RM15 per night. If the information above doesn’t persuade you to check it out, take our word for it; Third Culture parties are unlike any other.

Peep the set times below:

source: Transit

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Saturday – A Talk on The ‘Globalizability’ of Lat’s Work @ THE CUBE**, 2.30pm


The talk titled The Work of Lat in the Age of Globalizability as hosted by the University of Malaya’s Visual Art Department will be presented by Dr. Fiona Lee. Her interests on post-colonial studies bring Lat’s celebrated comical works to focus, relating it to the role of how race plays a part in post-colonial modernity, which is a large part of what his work represents that unfortunately goes unnoticed by casual readers.

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Sunday – The Opening of Make Art Not War, A Showcase of 10 Indonesian Artists @ FINDARS, 3pm

source: Make Art Not War

Running from 19 to 23 February ’17, Make Art Not War is an exhibition showcasing the works of 10 Indonesian artists with a simple message; that of peace through art. Quoting Edgar Degas’ famous quote, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see,” they intend to express a kind of serenity that’s oftentimes difficult to articulate orally or via prose. Expect works from Ady ‘Oi’ Rasatya, Adrian Bima, Ken Terror, Bharata Yudha, Jo’rwk, Semogabarokahwerk, Oik Wasfuk, RupaRusak, Raampunks, and Teguh Susanto.

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