Flavoured Condoms Sales Are Up Because Students Are Getting High By Soaking Them In Hot Water

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While many of us have never understood the fascination with flavoured condoms, these kids in India have found a new way to use them…

As reported by News18, a group of young students have been causing a massive increase in sales of flavoured condoms in Durgapur, India.

But hold on to your underaged sex speech, these kids are using the contraceptives to get intoxicated and achieve the feeling of euphoric bliss, or in other words, to get high.

“Earlier, three to four packets of condoms were sold daily. And now packs of condoms are disappearing from a store,” a shopkeeper of a medical store told the news outlet.

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According to Vice, flavoured condoms release polyurethane when soaked in hot water for 6-8 hours. When ingested, the mixture can give you a high that lasts for 10-12 hours.

An employee at Durgapur Divisional Hospital, Dheeman Mandal, told News18 that this newfound method can be highly addictive as the chemicals break down to form alcohol.

“This aromatic compound is also found in dendrites glue. So many people use dendrite for addiction also,” Mandal told News18.

Nurul Haque, a chemistry teacher, said that soaking condoms for a long period causes the breakdown of large organic molecules into alcoholic compounds which can intoxicate a person at a far greater intensity than regular alcoholic beverages.

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Other experts also commented that consumption of the condom cocktail could negatively impact the lungs and kidneys, resulting in damage of the body’s nervous system. Aside from that, it could also lead to mental and behavioural side effects.

Lead of critical care at SL Raheja Hospital in Mumbai, Sanjith Saseedharan said, “Long-term use of this can lead to mental abnormalities, including violent behaviour, unconsciousness, and [in certain cases] even death.”

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