Places to Go on the Weekend of 26 — 28 February ’16


This weekend’s activities consist of singing your heart out to Death Cab For Cutie, being on your worst behaviour at a Jason Derulo-themed party at Rootz, a history lesson regarding the history behind Sentul’s street names, a food festival in Publika (cocktails, burgers and brunch menus curated for this weekend will have anyone salivating), a screening for a Japanese film regarding a e s t h e t i c, our Editorial Director’s band fucking up, and many more.

Live Fact Pres. Ben’s Bitches, Shh Diam! and Maverick

Urbanscapes 2014 - Photo by All Is Amazing

It’s definitely going to be a rowdy night as Ben’s Bitches performs some of their classics alongside new hits from their latest album Pakatan Maut. Feminist-queercore band Shhh…Diam! and instrumental quartet Maverick will be joining the commotion going down at dive bar Live Fact at Taman Desa… It’s round the corner somewhere (use Google Maps/Waze).

Here’s Ben’s Bitches at Urbanscapes ’14. Guessing they won’t be invited back again to the festival…

Date Friday 26 February ‘16
Time 8pm
Venue Live Fact
Admission RM25 (booze is RM10 per can of Asahi)

More information on the event can be found here.

Worst Behaviour Pres. Get Ugly Single Party


A chance to practice talking dirty or singing to ‘Talk Dirty’ — whichever you’re better at. Hyping the crowd for the night is popular peroxide-blonde Indian MC, Mr. Dan while Ray Rox and DJ Biggie will be handling the music. DJ Biggie never fails to execute entertaining sets so if going for the sake of meeting other bloodthirsty singles doesn’t sound appealing (because that’s what Tinder is for, duh), consider going for a good night out of dancing instead. 

Date Friday 26 February ’16
Time 10pm
Venue Rootz Club, KL
Tickets RM50 (inclusive of 1 drink)

More information on the event can be found here.

Ohrwurm Pres. Christian Smith (Tronic/ SWE)


DJ Christian Smith is the head of Tronic, one of the best techno labels out there according to Beatport. Christian’s brand of tech house tunes has been on multiple DJ playlists and they have even appeared on a few respectable labels such as Plus 8/Minus, Bedrock, and Mobilee. His most recent album Stranger Than Paradise is a follow up to the critically lauded Omakase released the year before. Victor G, Alam, and Kutty & Friz of SLA will support Christian.

Date Friday 26 February ’16
Time 10pm
Cover RM40

More details on the event here.

Taste of Tiffin

Spicy Chicken Burger

Freeform is no stranger to the F&B industry with establishments like The Bee and 44Bar under its belt — remember when The Bee @ Jaya One was the only “hipster café” every aspiring scenester wanted to be seen in and maybe even play an acoustic show at? Ah, 2008, good times. Now, Freeform’s off-shoot company Freeform Untitled is heading its latest venture down F&B lane — Tiffin. Yes, it was inspired by the iconic tiffin carrier every Southeast Asian family owned and loved. Much like the multi-layered lunchbox, Tiffin is about creating gastronomical experiences by introducing the market to different sources of good, quality food. It’s a year-long project with many pop-ups and standalone events planned throughout 2016, and the first one to take place is Taste of Tiffin at Publika, which is essentially a preview of what’s to come during Tiffin Week that will happen mid-2016.

Activities to look out for are:

Tiffin Throwdown
To kickstart the culinary festival is a food voting competition. Well, it’s more to rating the best burgers in KL. For RM55, guests are given the opportunity to sample 10 burgers from patty experts the likes of myBurgerLabBurger Giler PowerBob Republic Burger Bakar, The Bee themselves, and six others. Drinks — and music courtesy of DJ crew Indiego & Co. — will be provided as well. This also doubles as the festival’s launch party.

Date Friday 26 February ’16
7.30pm — Midnight
RM55 *purchase tickets here.

More stuff(ing)…

25 food vendors offering the best meals they have on their menu. Food joints Top Catch FisheriesLadle & WhiskChequers,  The Balls — like takoyaki balls — and Wok It will be among the few participating. We’d strongly recommend fasting the day before or sharing the food in a group just so you’d get to try something from every stall.

Date Saturday 27 February ’16 — Sunday 28 February ’16
12pm — 10pm
Ticket Free Entry

Brunch Session
The brunch menu is curated by Root Cellar KL and Brunch Bandits — so expect a communal starter which is essentially an array of cheese, homemade baked goods, and breakfast pudding, which is then followed up with a three-plated main course and a choice of two-plated dessert. Coffee will also be provided by the good guys at Pulp. If anyone feels hungry after this course, they definitely need to get checked by a doctor or transfer some of their metabolism to us. Each of the four brunch sessions will accommodate 40 people.

Date Saturday 27 February ’16 — Sunday 28 February ’16
Time 11am — 12.30pm / 1.30pm — 3pm
Ticket RM90 *purchase tickets here.

Heart of The Run
This activity is for the ones who appreciate craft cocktails or are curious about the history of alcohol from the prohibition era to where it is today. The history lesson will be hosted by notable establishments like HYDE at 53MOmakase + AppreciatePS150, and many more, while 44Bar will be educating patrons on their specialty; American craft spirit cocktails. Check ‘em out to pick up a bartending skill or two, or to simply enjoy the drinks.

Date Saturday 27 February ’16
 12 pm — 10 pm
Ticket Free Entry

Cocktail Evolution
Sunday 28 February ’16
Time 12pm — 10pm
Ticket Free Entry

Sampling Session
Sunday 28 February ’16
Time 12pm — 5pm
Ticket RM110 (early bird) or RM145 (at the door) *purchase the early bird tickets here.

For more information, click here.

Good Vibes Pres. Death Cab For Cutie


With eight studio albums to date, alternative indie band Death Cab for Cutie has been making music for the emotionally-wounded soul since 1998, effectively making them a proto-hipster favourite. And now, they are finally making their way to Kuala Lumpur thanks to the Good Vibes folks. The band is praised for their use of unorthodox instruments such as glockenspiels, organs, flutes, and whatever vocalist Benjamin Gibbard can get his hands on, as well as for his heart-wrenching-yet-comforting lyrics.

Date Saturday 27 February ’16
Time 8pm
Venue KL Live
Tickets RM158 (Phase 1)/ RM178 (Phase 2)/ RM208 (Phase 3)

For more information, click here

Kochuu: Japanese Architecture Influence & Origin


Japan is known for its architecture – everything from its design to its construction is well thought out, which is an unfamiliar aspect here… Unsurprisingly, its architecture has seeped its way into how other countries approach creating spaces — Nordic countries being one of them. KOCHUU explores that very aspect, but the film doesn’t just pinpoint the similarities both countries have; it’s also a story of the measures Japanese contemporary architects take to find a compromise between ways of a modern man and old philosophies. The film features works and interviews by both Japanese and Scandinavian architects such as Tadad Ando, Kisho Kurokawa, Sverre Fehn, and Juhani Pallasmaa to name a few. The anticipation for the movie is strong, so seats are naturally at a very limited number. Tickets are priced at RM20, includes one bottle of “creative juice” — whatever that means — and are non-refundable. FFK-enthusiasts, take note! Payment options can be viewed here.

Watch the trailer below:

Date Saturday 27 February ’16
Time 7pm
Venue Battery Acid Club
Ticket RM20 (inclusive of one ‘creative’ juice)

More information on the event here

Mr. Brooks pres. ‘Music Is Love’ with Da Funkie Junkie and DJ Tony Montana (UK)

DJ Tony Montana

Every Saturday, Mr. Brooks opens its space for numerous people whom appreciate a variety of music. It usually revolves around more traditional dance genres like jazz, soul, funk, and disco, however, this week DJ Tony Montana – no relations to the badass from Cuba – will be playing all of the above plus some deep house. Tony has played in numerous party capitals such as Ibiza, Bali, and Miami; he’s also recently concluded a tour with Fierce Angel around Australia.

Date Saturday 27 February ’16
Time 10pm
Venue Mr. Brooks, BSC

More information on the DJ here

Video Games Live in KL

source: Video Games Live

Video Games Live is set to orchestrate an animated night out for gamers. Performing with the National Symphony Orchestra of Malaysia, Tommy Tallarico will be bringing music from the greatest video games of all time to life, inclusive of their visual and interactive elements. Even non-gamers will be struck by the vivacity of advanced video screen visuals and lighting that’s synchronised with special on-stage interactive segments. The entertainment actually starts before the concert with a Guitar Hero competition, to determine which aspiring rockstar gets to play on stage with the Symphony, and a costume contest that will be judged from the stage. After the concert, the elation continues with a reception allowing all ticketholders to meet and greet game industry luminaries.

Date Saturday 27 February ’16
Time 8pm
Venue Stadium Negara
Cover RM45 — RM888, available for purchase online here, as well as Rock Corner outlets in the Klang Valley.

For more information, click here.

Stakes Shop x HOAX Vision Pres. Lotus Club 2 with Tobu and Juko


Having spoken to the masterminds behind Stakes Shop and Raksasa Print Studio, we know that the separate proprietors are friends and have supported each other in their respective endeavours, so much so that Stakes now has a pop-up in Jane Stephanny and Julienne Tan’s studio. The first edition of Lotus Club with Bastard was kept on a private level, but now the sophomore show will be a public one and it’ll feature Youth Portal‘s Tobu and Jaggfuzzbeats‘ Azrul Zainal aka Juko performing. The two indie musicians will also have a friendly competition with a jamming session after their individual sets.

Date Saturday 27 February ’16
Time 7.30pm
Venue Stakes Shop Pop Up Store @ Raksasa Print Studios
Cover RM10

More information on the event, click here

Technologue 013 with Jeremy Cheung (HK)

Jeremy Cheung 2

For the 13th edition of Technologue, house and techno heads will see the appearance of DJ Jeremy Cheung of Kowloon City. Before Jeremy was playing with world-class DJs, DJing at international venues, and honing his skills at mixing, sequencing, and performing; he had won the Pioneer Hong Kong DJ Quest in 2008. He’s currently the resident DJ at one of the top underground venues in SEA – Oma. Along with the series’ residents, Jason Voon and Notion A, expect Jeremy at our very own underground dance space Under9 near end of the month.

Date Saturday 27 February ’16

Time 10pm
Venue Under9
Cover Free before 11pm / RM15 after 11pm

For more details on the event here

TypoCakap with James Edmondson


James Edmondson enjoys doing two things: typography and sharing his victorious battle against depression when he was a 19 year old virgin. This interesting character is scheduled to play the role of a speaker for Typokaki’s upcoming typography event — who would’ve seen a typography-themed event coming after all that mention of typography? — but why should anyone listen to this guy? For one, he was named as one of Print Magazine’s New Visual Artists three years ago so the dude knows his (writing) tools. After the two-hour talk, The Alphabet Press will be conducting a letterpress demonstration as well. There’s also a typography workshop the following day, more details on that event here.

Date Sunday 28 February ’16
Time 2pm
Venue The Alphabet Press
Tickets RM35 (Professional) + RM20 (Student with valid student ID)

More information on the event here.