Download DANGERDISKO’s Hedonism for Free

There’s a story too.


ADSC pres. DANGERDISKO’s Hedonism Album Launch Party

Date: Saturday 10 October ’15
Time: 10pm
Venue: Ace, Zouk KL


Sheila Majid & DANGERDISKO: Nostalchic

DANGERDISKO’s edit of Sheila Majid’s classic, ‘Sinaran’, was a viral hit that happened in real life (clubs to be specific). With a proper collaboration in the works and a performance together at FMFA2014, JUICE sat down with the boys of DANGERDISKO and Sheila herself for an extended chat.


Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre Party Remixes: DANGERDISKO x +2dB

To make it interesting we thought we’d ask DANGERDISKO and +2dB to remix each other’s tracks. Not to see who’s better. Just for fun.


The Meaning, Challenges and Downfall of Being an Indie Artiste in Malaysia

Let’s take a dive into Malaysia’s indie music scene.


TTDI Market’s Mini-Block Party, Sesi Kaki Lima, is Back

Sun, 16th Jul '17

1pm - 7pm

Public School HQ @ Pasar Besar TTDI


The Best Cuts from An Honest Mistake’s Remix Album

The quartet’s latest release is a compelling blend between local pop-punk and electronic dance music with music videos accompanying each song.


Make Midnight Arkadia Vol. 2 Your Last Kopek Party

Fri, 26th May '17

10.30pm - late

The Bee, Publika


Local Nu Disco & Synthwave Get Its First Dedicated Night, Midnight Arkadia

Sat, 22nd Apr '17


The Bee, Publika


LISTEN: F i 7 i’s D i s c o n i n e t y – s i x EP

Big fans of old school Malay pop? Producer F i 7 i is resurrecting them.