LISTEN: F i 7 i’s D i s c o n i n e t y – s i x EP

source: F i 7 i

With roots in Pradana’s ‘MΔlydΔ Ed1t’ – an edit of Indonesian ‘80s pop star Malyda’s ‘Aku Jadi Bingung’ – some five years ago, then in DANGERDISKO’s remix of Sheila Majid’s ‘Sinaran’ a couple of years later, fresh-faced producer Fizi – stylised as F i 7 i – joins SYNTHPUNK in bringing future funk to the forefront of the current scene. Unlike the Borneon beatmaker though, whose sample vault mostly comes from city pop, Fizi is very much interested in sampling ‘80s Nusantara pop; aficionados of the genre would recognise the voices of Azlina Aziz, Raja Ema, and more sampled on Fizi’s tracks. Track names should make it blatant enough; Azlina Aziz’s ‘Jangan Tanya Lagi’ is interpolated into ‘Don’t ask again’ and Raja Ema’s ‘Mentari Korea’ becomes ‘Meet you again In Korea’. As is with the aesthetic of future funk, these interpolations are all still filtered through the prism of anime title screen music – and hyperactivity is the word they all operate by. Now, with the release of debut EP D i s c o n i n e t y – s i x, Fizi expands upon that further, adroitly beginning the record with Aman Shah’s ‘Adikku Pandai Menari’ and ending it Sheila Majid’s ‘Pengemis Muda’.

Stream the EP below (cover art by Omar Kasturi):

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