Make Midnight Arkadia Vol. 2 Your Last Kopek Party

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Ramadhan month starts this Saturday, meaning two things; 30 days’ worth of party draught is about to kick in and a tonne of last kopek parties the night before. So, if you’re spoiled for choice for your final night of debauchery before cleansing yourself of your accumulated sins Saturday onwards, here’s one recommendation from us – The Bee’s synthwave night, Midnight Arkadia.

Its first volume was the first club night at the newly renovated The Bee, Publika that had a dancefloor filled with punters who were, well, actually dancing. Just look at the photo below:

For its second volume, all three hosts – DANGERDISKO, Stellar Dreams, and Dizkopolis – will continue to spin the night, however they’re still interested in getting new faces to play in the future. If you think you could be the one, send your profiles and mixtapes to [email protected].

Follow the event page here for updates.