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Dawn of the Planet of the BAPEs

Chill, we’re not roasting the brand à la Supreme.

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8 Reasons Why Supreme Just Sucks

I’m not a streetwear heretic. I just have good sense.

Last Word

Kendall & Kylie Did What Again?

When people earn their fame through shameless marketing techniques.


Afiq Iskandar: “The first Prime Minister of Malaysia [of] non-Malay, non-Bumi [descent] is probably wearing Tarik right now.”

The founder of Tarik Jeans on oppression, consumerism, and sustaining a brand.


Jonathan Cheung on Taking Steps to Avoid Being Complacent

We spoke to the Head of Global Design for Levi’s® on anticipating trends and creative nourishment.


Diana Rikasari: “Life works itself out — the Universe works it out for you.”

Diana Rikasari on convincing parents to accept unconventional jobs, having creative balance, and Miley Cyrus.


Akmal of Costura Cloth Inc’s Daring Difference

Costura founder Akmal talks to us about the new (humble) beginning of his three year old brand.


The Dawn Threaders

Britain’s new world order.


Minimalistic Fashion Through The Eyes of Ana Abu

A conversation about loneliness and unisex fashion.


James Hock’s New Basics

From accounting to fashion designing. From London to Malaysia.