How to Level Up Your Basic Purple to Ultra Violet in Your Everyday Style

PANTONE 18-3838, aka Ultra Violet, is colour of the year 2018 according to Pantone Color Institute. Unsure of just what to do with such a dramatic hue that the institute has characterised as suggesting “the mysteries of the cosmos”? We got you covered.

When it comes to colours and fashion, not all of us are well-versed in it. I mean, we can’t blame you! There are thousands of colours out there for you to experiment with but somehow, the fear of being bold or too out there is getting to your head. On top of that, there are colours out there that even we didn’t know existed, like Daphne for instance (if you think it’s a shade of pink or yellow, it’s actually blue).

The Pantone Color Institute recently announced this year’s colour: Ultra Violet (or purple). This bold colour seems like a great fit to describe what 2018 will be for most of us. It’s the colour that exudes wonder and creativity. It’s the colour that brings your inner thoughts forward and uncovers the mysteries that lay in front of you.

(source: Pantone)

Ultra Violet is exceptionally beautiful, but it’s also bold, which may come as a difficulty for some who are taking their first step in dabbling into more risqué colours as well as brighter patterns. Even though this colour may be intimidating for some, or even unattractive, there are several ways you can actually use Ultra Violet in your everyday life, whether it’s makeup or clothes.

Check these out:

1. Make It Up

Take a cue from our favourite makeup guru, PatrickStarr. His lovable sass and truly mesmerising makeup looks have gathered the hearts of many makeup lovers out there, including Hollywood celebs. He’s done makeup for Katy Perry and Kim K, so you can definitely trust him when it comes to laying down your how to’s and experimentation with bold colours. Using the Fenty Galaxy eyeshadow palette (which is currently unavailable at Sephora, but we have an alternative that you can opt for below), you can definitely recreate his look and work that purple like it’s nobody’s business. Fair warning: The level of extra ain’t for the faint hearted. So if you want to be bold, be a freaking Prince ‘Purple Rain’ kinda bold.

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Eyes: Glitter Bomb Palette by Too Faced, 35P – 35 Colour Plum Eyeshadow Palette by Morphe, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade Alkaline

2. Wear It Out

Okay, maybe you aren’t as keen on experimenting the pop of colour on your face, but you can definitely try wearing it on your body. When it comes to Ultra Violet for beginners, pair it with basic colours like black, white, or simple blue jeans. This can be your day-to-day outfit if you’re feeling fun. Even men can work this colour too! Let’s take a few examples from our celebs’ street style.

(source: and

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Girls: H&M Short Sweatshirt With A Motif
Boys: Topman Violet Purple Washed Tank Vest

3. Style It Right

Alright, accessories are probably one of the easiest ways to play with Ultra Violet. You can remain subtle for the rest of your looks but still keep the colour theme on check with Ultra Violet rings or earrings, chunky necklaces, gem jewelleries, and more. You also won’t have to worry about seemingly being ‘extra’ because you can always switch it up. Can’t wear Ultra Violet earrings? Try rings! Can’t wear chunky necklaces? Wear chokers! There are a lot of ways to style accessories!


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MANGO Tassel flower earrings
H&M Velvet choker
Topshop Small Rimless Round Sunglasses

4. Wrap It Down

Headscarves play a huge role in tying the whole look together for a hijabi girl (and it’s also the most important thing for them). So when it comes to scarves, there’s always a fresh new style that girls can do to turn their plain old tudung bawal into Paris chic. With ultra violet, you can take your headscarf styles to a whole new level.


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Feels like a dream scarf (Piping) TWILL SILK
Floral caricature scarf SERIOUSLY SATIN SILK

5. Sex It Up

If all the other options just seem too much for you to work with on the outside, then there’s always what you can wear inside. The cool thing about lingerie is that you can wear them outside too! (Okay, not all of them). But some cute slips and night gowns can definitely be chic if paired nicely with an edgy look. However, if you aren’t comfortable with wearing them outside, that’s completely fine too. Any girl would feel like a Victoria Secret model if they put on sexy lingerie under their outer garments (let’s not deny that we would walk in front of the mirror pretending to be one of them too).

(source: &

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Victoria Secret’s Satin Cami

There are plenty more things in your everyday life which you can apply Ultra Violet to, like décor, phone casings, etc. At the end of the day, using a new pop of colour in your life can make for a refreshing look from your usual OOTDs. It’s a new year, and it’s about time we take chances on trying something new.