8 Beauty Routines You Can Multitask While Working From Home

(source: Today Show)

Before this whole pandemic happened, your skincare was the last thing on your mind during working hours. Most of the time, you’d just cover up with makeup and call it a day. But now that you’ve been living the MCO lifestyle for more than two weeks, and have generally settled into the work-from-home routine, this seems like the perfect time and opportunity to pamper yourself – yes, even while you work from home ’cause you deserve it, hon..

Although we don’t recommend y’all to carry out these beauty routines when you’re in a video call, you can still consider it multi-tasking as you’re typing that email while having a spa day at home. You used to say that you had no time for intimate skincare, well, now you do and no one will judge you 😉

Applying these products won’t kacau your productivity (if you don’t go overboard lah). You’ll have your work done and glowing skin too! Win-win…

To get things moving, here are eight beauty routines you can multitask while working from home:

1. Drench yourself in a face mask while replying emails..

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There’s nothing like a deep pore cleansing mask to help remove grime, an exfoliating mask to help get rid of dead skin cells or a brightening sheet mask to help prevent the appearance of any dark spots caused by our scorching sun. Simply put in on your face and while it’s on, continue your work as usual. It’ll take around 20 minutes and if you’re using a sheet mask, toss it out once the time’s up and let the excess air dry.

If you’re using a cleansing mask, just wipe it off once it’s dry. Do this three times a week and your skin will look ten times better after MCO. Ask anyone you know who uses a face mask throughout the week – masking really makes a difference!

2. Slather on a hair mask and wrap it up for extra oomph!

(source: Hairline)

Wearing a hair mask is really leceh if you’re a busy bee. Literally having to wrap your hair in the mask and let it soak for hours is not the most practical thing if you’re constantly running around. Now that you’re sitting in front of your laptop for hours, time to bust it out!

Whether it’s from heat styling, new hairstyles or exposure to the elements – your hair could be stressed. But with the hair masks, it can help reduce hair breakage and make your hair feel healthy. When you shower in the morning, shampoo your hair and apply the hair mask before you hop out. Then, wrap it securely and leave it on while you do your work. Setel!

3. Puffy eyes in the morning? Under-eye mask FTW!

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If you’ve woken up with dark circles, puffy eyes, and more pronounced lines, that’s where under-eye masks come in. These patches are a wake-up call for your eyes and it’s perfect in the morning when you’re starting your work. These convenient, self-sticking patches come in many options for you to choose from, so you’ll definitely find one perfect for you.

Now, no one in that afternoon video call meeting will be able to tell that you were up until 3am binging on Netflix.

4. Spot & treat any breakouts throughout the day..

(source: Man Repeller)

Folks online swear by the power of pimple patches for healing acne breakouts! These small, translucent stickers you adhere to a pimple works by absorbing excess fluid and pulling out the “superficial debris” from inside the breakout. It even helps flatten and heal cystic acne faster! This also applies to acne spot treatment creams.

So, if you woke up with a painful zit on your face, just pop the acne patch or cream because now – you work from home and no one can judge the stickers and cream on your face. Eh, actually… if you put on a translucent acne patch, it’ll look like you have no pimples on a video call. So, it’s a cover-up with benefits, LOL!

5. Add extra moisture by using face oil!

(source: BeautyMNL)

If the thought of putting oils on your face brings really bad breakouts to mind, think again. In fact, according to top dermatologists, facial oils may be that missing step in your beauty routine. Depending on the type of oil – jojoba, maracuja, coconut, argan, tea tree, etc. – the oil may naturally have other purported benefits, like anti-inflammatory or antioxidant properties, but those are bonuses.

The biggest benefit that comes with the oil is the moisturising benefit but some of these oils can be a bit heavy on your face. When you’re make-up free at home now, you can slap it on without feeling like a grease ball! Recommended for while you’re on audio-only conference calls, with a hands-free, of course.

6. Roll up with a face-roller while glued to the laptop

(source: Preview PH)

Another product to use while you’re working from home is face-rollers! One hand on the laptop-mouse, the other, rolling your face of course. The face-roller has become every beauty fan’s skin essential as it can de-puff, firm up and deep treat your skin.

Made typically from jade, rose quartz or another crystal, these paint-roller type tools are designed to be used to gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins, ease muscle tension, decrease puffiness and stimulate blood flow to increase your skin’s glow. What else can I say?! Let’s roll!

7. Get all the junk out with some blackhead pore strips!

(source: David Guison Youtube)

No one will know that you secured that deal with a black strip across your nose! Its ability to remove buildup from pores is precisely what makes them so appealing. Plus, you can’t beat the satisfying feeling of having a clean nose bridge with no blackheads AND it finally feels smooth.

It’s easy to apply and will only take a few seconds to take off, so your work won’t be disturbed. Obviously, these strips aren’t an end-all solution for blackheads, just make sure you’re still cleansing daily and exfoliating regularly.

8. Wind down at the end of the day by painting your nails..

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Okay, we know this will probably kacau your working from home time, but only a smidge if you do it at the end of the work day, hehe… But seriously, if there’s one thing you should allocate time in your week to do, it’s painting your nails! Apparently, painting your nails helps to alleviate stress, boost your mood and give you confidence. Plus, your nails will look super cute when you’re typing.


Staying at home for a long time can be a downer, so if it’s convenient to do these routines, then go ahead, try ’em out while working. Hey, maybe all that pampering will make you more productive?

‘Til then, stay home and keep updated with JUICE.