Don’t Be Basic This Raya! Seri Mizani Shares 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Looks With Zero Budget

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Selamat Berpuasa everyone! We know it’s still early in the month, but if you think about it – Hari Raya is just three weeks away.

There’s a lot of uncertainty about the festive period after the MCO is lifted. How we adapt to the ‘new norm’ will ultimately determine how fast we will recover, at least psychologically. But Malaysians are strong. Whether we’re celebrating Aidilfitri 2020 indoors or lucky enough to enjoy a reasonable amount of movement by then, nothing will stop Malaysians from having a splendid Raya.

Besides the amazing food and company of loved ones, Raya is really the time to dress up and look your very best! While some of y’all are taking the minimalist trend to heart, we ask, “Why not be more experimental?”

So, JUICE reached out to Instagram fashion influencer – Seri Mizani for some Raya inspiration! Why Seri? Well, the 22-year old, fashion-sustainability advocate is known for being colourfully-bold when it comes to her styling choices. Seri’s looks are often crafted by thrifting and upcycling pieces – giving these old clothes a new breathe of life!

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Around this time last year, the city was flooded with shoppers looking for their own unique baju kurung or kebaya to strut on the very first day. But with this year’s unfortunate turn of events, we doubt most of y’all would want to spend hella money on some clothes that you’ll only wear twice in your entire lifetime.

Since Seri is the queen of giving used-clothes a new chance, we asked her for some tips and tricks on how we can spice up our Raya looks without breaking the bank! Here’s what she said…

1. Find an item at HOME! It’s time to go through your whole family’s closet, shoes, and accessories.

2. Pull up in your Dad’s Kain Pelikat and Baju Melayu! Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially with men’s clothes, because that can lead to finding your own personal style too.

3. Your mum’s old accessories are there waiting for you. I frequently get asked on where I get my unique accessories and now you know!

4. When in doubt, grab your mum’s scarves. If you feel like something’s missing, add a scarf to pull off that ‘Perempuan Melayu Terakhir’ look.

5. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and bold colours together. It’s trial & error until you find the perfect combo…

6. Curate colours to suit your skin tone! Some colours look great on you and some don’t. Try finding colours that flatter your complexion. My personal tip: Get to know your horoscope’s colours ’cause that’s what I did!

Want to see these tips in action? Check out Seri’s video below where she reused and restyled old traditional clothes.

She also talked about how brands can be more environmentally considerate, how to achieve self-confidence with style and how her loved ones impacted her personal style:


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Explaining her constantly shifting styles, Seri told us that her main inspiration for styling comes from her mood and surroundings. She also firmly believes that dressing up can liven up our mood.

“It is important to dress up this coming Raya! It lifts up your mood and self-confidence which undoubtedly comes from looking your best,” Seri said.

Since we’ve given you her styling advice, we can’t wait to see how you can incorporate these tips into your look! Remember to share photos of you looking bomb this Raya.

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