Here’s How Burberry’s Latest Show is Helping the Amazon Rainforest

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Despite the insurmountable amount of devastating news regarding the current state of our forests and our air, there are not many fashion brands that are taking action when it comes to our dire climate crisis. However, Burberry is noticing its influence and is using their globally-renowned platform to catalyse a revolution.


The brand recently announced on Instagram that their latest season’s production is certified carbon neutral. Essentially, this means that Burberry is removing as much carbon dioxide from the production as possible which will then lead to a minimised carbon footprint. Since it is a luxury brand, they can definitely afford to focus their money on reducing carbon emissions.

Not only is their fashion saving the environment, but the brand and its guests who attend the show are also contributing by donating to REDD+ projects which prevent deforestation and conserve the tropical rainforest in the Brazilian Amazon.

Amazon Rainforest, before and after (source:

It is known that fashion intrinsically revolves around culture.

Notably, when skate-culture was booming in the late 90s and early 2000s, Vans became the most sought after brand for their line that catered to that specific group. Right now, our culture is gradually becoming a more environmentally-aware society that is working arduously at repairing the damage we have caused throughout the decades.

Due to that, Burberry is riding that wave and reflecting its moral values onto their fashion. Of course, this is a well-needed movement coming from such an influential brand. We hope that other brands will continue in the same path towards minimising our carbon footprint, so we can enjoy lush forests and clean air again.

Their latest show is also filled to the brim with the highest-paid models of our era, all donning environmentally-friendly outfits. It is truly a sight to behold… Here’s a look at the clothing from Burberry’s carbon-neutral London Fashion Week show:

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