You Can Now Report VIPs & Ministers Who Flout SOPs Through Muda’s Website

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Malaysiakini - Gambar menteri langgar SOP: Penganjur akui silap, mohon maaf
source: Malaysiakini

Malaysians are fed up with the double-standards that separate the common folk from the elites.

With the implementation of the RM10,000 fine as well as the inter-district restrictions, regular Malaysian citizens are paying extra close attention to their movements and behaviours during the current CMCO.

However, the same could not be said for several ministers who flout SOPs by attending mass weddings in a different state and incorrectly wearing their face masks.

Since we’ve seen many unjust strikes hammering down on the common folk, who most of the time can’t afford to pay the hefty fine despite some ministers calling it a piece of cake, Muda has stepped in to offer a solution.

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The relatively new political party has launched a website titled, “Lapor Menteri” which translates to Report a Minister.

The site is designed for citizens to report people in positions of power without worrying about their own safety for doing so. The purpose is for these people to regain their sense of accountability and to be appropriately reprimanded for their carelessness.

Very simplistic in its user interface, the website only requires you to fill in your details, which it promises is only to keep in contact with you to investigate the matter further, and to fill in the details of the incident you wish to report and whoever is involved in it.

According to the FAQs, your name will not be included in the police report.

The site even directs you to reports that have been successfully made against VIPs, ministers and even influencers.

This is a strong solution to narrowing the discrepancy between everyday Malaysians and elites when it comes to flouting SOPs.

Double-standards should not exist, especially during a fight against Covid-19 which is supposed to unite us and not divide us due to social standings.

If you know anyone who has flouted SOPs, fill in the form here to report them.