17-Year-Old Fined RM10,000 For Not Registering Details While Buying Medicine For His Mum

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For illustration purposes only (source: Malay Mail/Milo Suam)

A form five student in Batu Berendam was issued an RM10,000 compound for violating the MCO’s SOP by not registering his details at a grocery store on Sunday (14 March).

According to The Star, the 17-year-old, who is a student of a school in Gajah Berang, said he was buying paracetamol for his mother.

“I only asked whether there was a particular paracetamol brand at the shop and while leaving, police in plainclothes stopped me. They issued the compound. I wasn’t given a chance to explain and the compound was issued on the spot,” said the teen who requested not to be identified.

“Hopefully, I am able to appeal against the compound and find the money to settle it without burdening my parents,” he continued while adding that his father’s meagre monthly salary was insufficient to settle the compound while his mother was a housewife.

(source: The Star)

On the other hand, Melaka Tengah OCPD Asst Comm Afzanizar Ahmad said the student could appeal to the Melaka Tengah district health officer to reduce the fine as police do not have the power to lower the fines imposed.

Meanwhile, many Malaysians have expressed confusion over the unclear implementation of SOPs. De facto law minister Takiyuddin Hassan said yesterday that minor offences such as not wearing a face mask or not using MySejahtera, do not warrant an RM10,000 compound.

(source: The Star)

“We will maintain the ordinance on RM10,000 compound for individuals and RM50,000 for companies but the government will resolve the issue of its implementation, including on the issuance of summonses to violators,” he said.

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